Solar Alternatives
  by Alpine Light & Power

Welcome to Solar Alternatives

Alpine Light & Power have over 20 years experience designing, supplying and installing Solar Alternatives for a wide range of customers. Whether from the Sun, Wind, or Micro Hydro, we can design a system to meet your requirements.

As fully qualified electricians, Alpine Light & Power can do everything from wiring  an entire new house to a small solar panel on your back shed.  We have experience on many commercial projects including remote telecommunications transmitters, vineyards, a mobile tourist information and ticketing kiosk, and numerous pumping solutions.  Visit our Case Studies to view some of our solar installations.

Unlike some new entrants into the solar market, we have many years experience at the grass roots of the industry.  This enables us to draw on experience and proven designs to provide you with the best solution for your remote power requirements.

Solar Panel

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