Solar Alternatives
  by Alpine Light & Power

Case Studies - Off Grid

Central Otago Remote Location

Amber had lived for a few years in this relocated house in a remote location several kilometres from the national grid. A generator was used to power the bare basics. Amber wanted to power the lights and plugs all at 12v, and the plan was to recycle as much as possible in the installation on a tight budget.

Budget Solar Power

We used some of the lighting but rewired each room individually back to the original switchboard and kept the cost low by using existing plugs where needed. Most of the switch board was kept intact.  We even recycled an old metal bed for the moveable solar panel bracket to follow the seasonal sun movement. We installed 2 80w 12 volt solar panels into 220 ah battery which was more than sufficient for her needs. It was a case of using what was already there and filling in the gaps to power it up at low cost with the ability to expand as needed.  The was completed for around $3600.


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