Solar Alternatives
  by Alpine Light & Power

Case Studies - Off Grid

Mt Edward Vineyard

This was a remote location 2km from the grid.  The Vineyard had approached me to enquire on supplying power to their two room onsite office.  It needed enough power for the computer and day to day running of the office and also power to the farm shed and workshop next door.  

Mt Edward Vineyard Solar Panel

We installed two 123 watt panels, 300ah battery of storage, and an inverter providing 240 volt electricity for lighting and computer needs with a 12volt back-up supply in the office and workshop.  As a back-up resource, a 2000w Honda generator was supplied for excessive power use or battery charging on sunny days.  The cost from the panels to the switch board including a generator, was around $10,000.

This was also a low cost job for their daily need of alternative power opposed to the costs for linking to the national grid.

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