Solar Alternatives
  by Alpine Light & Power

Case Studies - Off Grid

Mobile Tourist Information Kiosk

Wanaka tourism approached Alpine Light & Power before the first Festival of Colour.  They needed to have a kiosk that could serve as an information centre with computer ticketing.  It had to be relocatable to events around the district.

Wanaka i-site

A power source was needed to support the computer and lights.  The kiosk could draw power at night time from the national grid to charge the battery.  But in the day time it couldn't be plugged in so needed solar support to top up the battery usage.  We have installed a 80w panel on the kiosk which supplies 12 volt to 240 volt power.  The entire provision of solar power cost $4200.  This kiosk is now used for other community events such as Wanaka over Warbirds, Wanakafest etc.  It is a very portable and has been very useful since the alternative power has been installed.

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