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Our Services

Alpine Light & Power are certified electricians.  Our work ranges from little electrical jobs to complete wiring of residential, rural and commercial/industrial buildings. 

Alpine Light & Power’s specialty is the installation of alternative power systems providing remote electricity solutions.  Where linking to the national grid is an expensive option, we can set you up with alternative power for the backyard shed, the workers hut on the farm, a container on your property or your whole residence. Many options can be explored to see if you would be better off with alternative power or on the national grid.  

Our services include:

  • Installing remote location power supplies (stand alone) including solar panels, wind turbines or micro hydro and backup generator supply.

  • Grid interchange systems, ie: sending power that you produce back into the national grid.

  • Complete electrical installation from the alternative power supply to the main switch board to all electrical fixtures in the installation

  • Remote power pumping  solutions connected to irrigation control systems in agriculturally locations such as viticulture,

  • Any remote power or off-grid power supply for domestic and commercial installs from a 1 room shed to luxury lodges.

  • We have even powered up the local moveable tourist kiosk (i-Site) complete with EFTPOS.

Visit our case studies to see what alternative systems that have already been installed from the remote commercial site, residential home and a little rural property.



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